I have worked in marketing and communication for 20 years. I have a degree in Business Administration from Edinburgh and I am currently finishing a Bachelor degree in Art History at the University of Oslo. My employers have included large multinational companies like Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods. Through these companies I have acquired invaluable training in branding. I have also worked in one of Norways largest power companies, Hafslund and I have been an export advisor at the Royal Danish Embassy in Oslo. I am interested in all types of projects related to my field of experience. If you are looking for a project manager or a marketing manager for a shorter or longer period of time I can help you. Or if you just need someone to discuss your ideas with, I can assist you and your business.

BA in Business Adm
BA Art History
20 years in marketing
Norwegian, Danish, English, Italian, French
Marketing, communication, media, advertising branding, management, strategy, HR
Coca-Cola, Freia, Hafslund, Royal Danish Embassy